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Your Professional Stress and Strain Buster

Competition is currently posing a great problem for the businesses to run their entities-smoothly. Nowadays, it is hard to locate a business that is with no or less competition. Every niche business is enduring this phase of competition and struggling a lot to keep steady with their business progress. Here, the competition is mainly impacting the mid and senior level managers of the organizations. These people in general hold responsibility for the timely deliverables along with perfection and quality. Any of the mistakes during this process can keep the business progress at stake too. This kind of situation is now very commonly seen with manufacturing organizations, Ecommerce businesses, service industry etc. This kind of pressure is definitely not a good sign for the effective working of the professionals. It is time to take necessary steps and choices, which can keep the businesses running with no scope for extensive stress and strain over the managerial staff.

In manufacturing industry, It is a very common responsibility for a manager to check organization’s manufacturing process constantly. Similarly, it is same with the manager in an Ecommerce business to regularly look after the deliverables to the customers and at the same time keep an eye on the inventory. This kind of situation is not exception with service organizations. These uphill battles are at present putting a lot of stress over the professionals as they involve coordinating with other department staff and providing on-the-spot solutions. Constant communication with the team to resolving issues is a never - ending process for any manager in a company. Putting the managers through so much stress is superfluous and causes deterioration in their skills and efficiency over time.

It is imperative now for the companies to look for a solution to ensure seamless working that causes minimum stress and strain for the professional. Evidently, most companies today try and look out solution for these things from an enterprise system, reporting and business dash boards. Unfortunately, most of the current systems are failing to provide fast and reliable information extracted out of the complex enterprise systems for decision making. Thus, there is a high time when enterprise should look at an independent information discovery, delivery and collaboration tool for eliminating stress from the professionals.

CloudSignals, is one such platform designed to resolve these matters for any type of business. It provides wide range of services like monitoring manufacturing process for industries, inventory or sales status for e-commerce, client base or customer satisfaction for service industries and much more with utmost perfection.

This platform eliminates the need for extra hired individual for supervision, as it can dynamically be trained to track the information as per requirement with just a few clicks. Then it will constantly monitor the data in your enterprise application and track your process progress based on the rules and methodologies it has been trained to monitor. As soon as it will sense any anomaly in the data set which doesn’t comply with the data policy as defined during training process, it will let you know like a diligent informer via Push Notification on a mobile app. The best part is, it doesn’t stop there, it also adds all the relevant people to the notification. It also helps the team to then collaborate right there on the app, with communication experience as simple as posting a comment on a Facebook post.

With subscription based billing and no upfront fee, CloudSignals in no time has become darling to various enterprise companies. The Freemium Trial offer is the best opportunity now to experience the carefree and effortless supervision of operations. This is a best way to monitor business processes for managers at just finger tips. In addition, its collaboration feature keeps other team members in the loop for the necessary attention required by emergency situations.

It Offers:

  •   Periodic KPIs configuration automatically for the business and for its flawless effective working
  •   User can define KPI threshold limit and it will notify, when attention is required
  •   It will keep you in touch with other departments through comment and collaboration feature in order to let you rope in other team members into the action whenever it is necessary.
  •   It comes with a Unique Enterprise Messaging platform to enable effective and quick communications and discussions about the various topics and ideas.

There are limitless features to offer from the CloudSignals and it is time to relieve professionals from the unnecessary strain.

The regular methods always keep the pressure mounting rather to resolve issues. It is wise to add CloudSignals in the organization’s DNA to improve professional’s working situations and efficiency.

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